• Pete Roberts

Welcome to Behind The Footy

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

What is Behind The Footy?

A big welcome to everyone (or anyone) who has landed at Behind The Footy. A bit of insight on what’s to come…

The aim is to offer a different perspective on the AFL game we all love:

- Long-form commentary on all the big footy issues

- An insight into what it’s really like at Club-land

- Weekly round previews and reviews

- Keeping the AFL media at least a little bit honest

- Plus plenty of fun along the way

I’ve spent fifteen seasons in an AFL coaches box at two different clubs, and a stint working with all the AFL teams and journalists providing numbers and analysis. In that time, I’ve nearly seen it all:

- Three sacked coaches

- Countless CEOs

- A tanking investigation

- A rather intense 6am phone call with an assistant coach client who has now become arguably the leading AFL media analyst in the business

- The Liam Jurrah story

- Several internal reviews

- An infamous trip to China for an exhibition game

- One finals series (thankfully, although it didn’t end well)

- Some extraordinary wins, losses and comebacks

While I won’t be spilling the beans on anything listed above, it’s a good platform for some independent commentary on the AFL landscape in what shapes to be a huge 2020 season.

Stay tuned for plenty of content across the year. Feedback always welcome!